The Adelphi Coracle was the newsletter of Sou'Wester, the 45th British Eastercon, held in the Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool, over Easter 1994. Sou'Wester had a vaguely nautical theme, and hence the newsletter's oceanic and sometimes downright fishy allusions. Jim Barker drew the title cartoon/logo, to the bemusement of a few fans who couldn't grasp that the coracle is supposed to form the U in "Sou'Wester". Ron Tiner drew the strip cartoon used in issue 1 and subtly reworded for issue 9. Individual issues contain credits for the myriad helpers who toiled under the editorial lash of Dave Langford, Paul Barnett and Thog the Mighty.

Contents copyright © Sou'Wester, 1994 (I suppose). All rights revert to individual contributors. All complaints and lawsuits should be rushed to Sou'Wester. -- Dave Langford