The Adelphi Coracle

Action Manifesto
Monday 4 April


Thog slightly pissed off. Thog not get mention at closing ceremony. Not Thog, not Daughter of Thog, not Handmaiden of Thog, not even lowliest minion unworthy to wipe blood from Thog's battle-axe get recognition of endless hours typing stuff in and getting stick from Chris 'Mr Humour' Evans. Thog [FoC] declare strike. Lightning wildcat strike will be made using mace, bludgeon, morningstar, ballista and other subtle weapons on responsible members of laughable so-called Committee. This Is War!

Credits Where Credits Are Due, You Bastards: Dave Langford (eight-times Hugo winner, BSFA Award winner, European SF Award winner, Eastercon Award winner, three-times Hogo winner, twice Nova Award winner, TAFF winner 1980) • Paul Barnett (BSFA Special Award co-winner, Hogo winner) • Abigail Frost (Nova Award winner, Eastercon Award [newszine] winner, TAFF winner 1993, Hugo Presenter 1993) • Jan van't Ent (Black Dragon [best gopher] winner [Con-Yak]) • Michael Abbott (CUSFS Librarian, Reeve of Jömsborg, Official Voice of Gloom & Doom [Follycon]) • Stephen Marley (Hogo winner) • Jilly Reed (Handmaiden and Muse of Thog, Women's Institute Festival Cup for Music & Drama 1992, Under-18 Three Counties Music Cup [Soprano Section], Good Egg Award winner) • John Dallman (Everything Else)

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