SF Fan Stuff

Assorted writing from fanzines and fandom by persons other than myself. Much of this material was hosted for many years at the UK SF Fandom Archive (Glasgow University) – deleted without notice or explanation in February 2009. – David Langford

Jackie! All the Famous Braodsheets by various anonymous hands [PDF]

"Egoboo for Algernon" by Terry Carr

A. Vincent Clarke, 1922-1998

Abigail Frost, 1951-2009

Rob Hansen's Then (a history of UK SF fandom)

"Blast Off 1960" by Mike Moorcock (from Bastion #1, August 1960, ed. Eric Bentcliffe) [PDF]

"Why Gandalf Never Married" by Terry Pratchett

"Martians in Exile Certificate" awarded by Bob Shaw

The Eye of Argon by Jim TheisIntroduction and links

The Enchanted Duplicator by Walt Willis and Bob Shaw