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A checklist of newspapers and magazines that have published Langford pieces. Further details can be found in the ISSN bibliography. Although SF fanzines are generally not listed below, my fanzine appearances are listed in the non-ISSN bibliography.


8000 Plus, Ad Astra, Amstrad Professional Computing, Apricot File, Computer & Video Games, Computer Weekly, The Electronic Author (Society of Authors), Extro, Focus (British SF Association), Fortean Times, Foundation (SF Foundation), Freelance Informer, Frontiers (Waterstone's On-Line SF Newsletter), GM: The Independent Fantasy Roleplaying Magazine, GamesMaster International, The Good Games Guide, The Guardian, Imagine, The Independent, The Indexer, Infinity Plus (on-line), Interzone, Knave, Matrix (British SF Association), Mayfair, Million, Murky Depths, Nature, Nature Physics, New Chartbusters, New Computer Express, New Scientist, New Worlds, Nexus, Odyssey, PC Answers, PCW Plus, PCW Today, Penthouse, Popular Computing Weekly, Practical Computing, Prospect, Realtime, Sanity, Science & Public Policy, SFX, The Skeptic, The STAG (Society of Authors), Starburst, Sunday Telegraph, T3, The Third Alternative, Vector (British SF Association), What Micro?, Which Micro?, White Dwarf, The Wordsmith, Your Computer.


Amazing SF, Asimov's Science Fiction, Destinies, Fantastic Metropolis (on-line), The Infinite Matrix (on-line), InQuest, Locus, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, The New York Review of Science Fiction, Nova Express, Quantum, Science Fiction Age, Science Fiction Chronicle, SF Eye, Science Fiction Review, Short Story International, Thrust, Weird Tales.


Australian Science Fiction Review, The Metaphysical Review, SF Commentary.

In translation

Aikakone (Finland), Alienisti (Finland), Cyber Fantasy (Spain), Enhörningen (Finland), Fiction (France – French edition of F&SF), Helion (Romania), Ikarie (Czech Republic), Nowa Fantastyka (Poland), Nova SF (Sweden), Orbit (Netherlands), Portti (Finland), SF Magazine (Japan), SF Reality (Ukraine), Tähtivaeltaja (Finland), Valis (Spain).