Langford Interzone Photographs

Pictures taken by Hazel Langford except where stated (DRL = me)
for the "Ansible Link" news column in Interzone

No, I don't know why our lovely editor was so keen to run so many photos of me.
There wasn't one in IZ 215 because, for highly technical reasons, I forgot.
After issue 231, the quest for new images of Langford was abandoned by mutual consent.

Your columnist before being ravaged by 30-odd years of SF journalism.
Interzone 230, September/October 2010
(Photo Denis G. Langford, 1974)

The object in the hands of the British Fantasy Award statuette may be rugose, squamous, nameless or even blasphemous.
Interzone 231, November/December 2010 (DRL)

Where could Langford be hiding in the 2010 Eastercon hotel? Try the bar.
Interzone 228, May/June 2010 (DRL)

This column has been vetted by Interzone's crack legal staff.
Interzone 229, July/August 2010 (DRL)

Langford mourns the capitulation.
Interzone 226, January/February 2010 (Photo: Judith Clute)

Langford in his natural habitat.
Interzone 226, January/February 2010 (DRL)

Langford on a vain quest for the Sandworms of Dune.
Interzone 225, December 2009

Langford delivers column to our purpose-built office complex.
Interzone 224, September/October 2009

A mad scientist shows off his infernal devices.
Interzone 223, July/August 2009

Langford stymied by the terrifying Writer's Block (front).
Interzone 222, May/June 2009

Encyclopedia cabal: Ron Tiner, Pam Scoville, John Clute, John Grant, Judith Clute and some guy with a camera.
Interzone 221, March/April 2009

Langford revisits his first word processor
Interzone 219, December 2008

Langford attempts psionic contact with giant fungus
Interzone 220, February 2009

{short description of image}

Langford in obituary-writing costume
Interzone 217, August 2008 (Photo: Martin Hoare)

{short description of image}

Hugo loser contemplates death plunge
Interzone 218, October 2008

{short description of image}

Langford confronts the Bridge of Death
Interzone 214, February 2008

{short description of image}

Langford and 'Mostly Armless' figure of Welsh legend
Interzone 216, June 2008

{short description of image}

A crumbling ruin, and Harlech Castle
Interzone 212, October 2007

{short description of image}

Ultraman confronts the Hugo rocket
while Mount Fuji cowers in the background
Interzone 213, December 2007 (Photo: Chris O'Shea)

Langford and a loyal reader, Portmeirion
Interzone 211, August 2007

Langford and Oscar Wilde at Reading Gaol
Interzone 209, April 2007

Langford evades the attention of Aslan
Interzone 210, June 2007

DL on beach

Langford poses with alien artefact, North Wales
Interzone 207, December 2006

DL in graveyard

Langford prepares himself for another obituary
Interzone 208, February 2007