Platen Stories

Platen Stories -- 1st ed cover

Platen Stories by David Langford is a collection of a dozen humorous fanzine pieces and much additional filler material published by Conspiracy '87, the 1987 World Science Fiction Convention, at which Langford was "Special Fan Guest".

Most of the longer and better material was incorporated into the later collections Let's Hear It for the Deaf Man and The Silence of the Langford (whose ebook version has some extras from Platen Stories that didn't appear in the 1996 paperback). The rest, some of it a little less fannishly esoteric, can be read on this very website.

Meanwhile, here's a strange coincidence....

  • Publication Date: 1987
  • Publisher: Conspiracy '87, Cambridge, UK
  • Format: A5 paperback chapbook
  • ISBN: none
  • Page Count: 63
  • Cover Artist: Jim Barker
  • Availability: out of print