This is the full original contents list of Platen Stories ... but I have removed all items now available in the 1996 collection The Silence of the Langford, since I don't want to undermine the sales of my friends at NESFA Press. Numerous little filler pieces, not listed in the contents, were and are included. Dave Langford.

Cover Art by Jim Barker

Copyright Stuff

Introduction: Zen and the Art of Egotripping
partly from Cloud Chamber 35 (ed. D.Langford, 1985)

Vulgarity and Nullity
Arena 12 (ed. Geoff Rippington, 1981)

The Book of War: Chapter 2080
Twll-Ddu 19 (ed. D.Langford, 1981)

One Hundred Years Ago
Channelcon Programme Book (ed. Coral and Rob Jackson, 1982)

The Moving Accident
Cloud Chamber 13 and 17 (ed. D.Langford, 1982) ... reprinted in Silence

The Dragonhiker's Guide to Battlefield Covenant at Dune's Edge: Odyssey Two
Xyster 5 (ed. Dave Wood, 1984) ... reprinted in Silence

The Inverted Baked Alaska, and After
Mad Scientists' Digest 9 (ed. Brian Earl Brown, 1984)

The Leaky Establishment: The Final Drips
Xyster 8 (ed. Dave Wood, 1985) ... reprinted in Silence

Fizz! Buzz!
Trapdoor 6 (ed. Bob Lichtman, 1986) ... reprinted in Silence

Hazel's Language Lessons
various issues of Ansible (ed. D.Langford, 1980-1987)

Mexicon Jigsaw
This Never Happens 8 (ed. Lilian Edwards and Christina Lake, 1986)

Davina Langford's Society Page

A Load of Crystal Balls: Great Failures of Prediction AD 2000-3000
Prevert 15 (ed. John Jarrold, 1986)

Our Lady of Pain
Chuch 1 (ed. Avedon Carol and Rob Hansen, 1986) ... reprinted in Silence

Copyright Notice

This collection copyright © Dave Langford, 1987

Cover art © JIM BARKER, 1987

Individual pieces of writing copyright © Dave Langford, 1978-1987.

Uncredited fillers are from (or adapted from) bits in:

Drunkard's Talk, Out of the Blue, Paperback Inferno, Q, Science Fiction Five-Yearly, Still Life, Wallbanger, Wiz and my own Ansible, Cloud Chamber and Twll-Ddu.

Platen Stories was published by Conspiracy '87 (The 45th World Science Fiction Convention) – a trading name of Science Fiction Conventions Ltd, PO Box 43, Cambridge, CB1 3JJ, U.K.