Pieces of Langford

Pieces of Langford -- 1st ed cover

Pieces of Langford by David Langford is a collection of 25 of his SFX magazine columns from 1995 to 1997, chosen and published by John and Eve Harvey as a fundraiser for the "Auld Lang Fund" (a one-off fan fund set up by the Harveys and others to bring Langford as an extra, unofficial guest to the 1999 World SF Convention in Melbourne, Australia).

  • Publication Date: March 1998
  • Publisher: Harvey Consultancy, Tonwell, Herts, UK
  • Format: A5 paperback chapbook
  • ISBN: none
  • Page Count: 35
  • Cover Artist: design by John Harvey
  • Availability: out of print
    Contents in order of appearance in chapbook ...
  1. #3, August: We Told You So -- sf and prediction
  2. #22, February: Read My Lips -- about MIT Press book on HAL 9000
  3. #16, September: Big Bang Theory -- sf superweapons
  4. #30, October: The Oops Factor -- silly sf science
  5. #10, March: Crosstalk -- allusions and cross-references in sf
  6. #13, June: Stuffed With Large Insects -- strange meals in sf
  7. #18, November: The Case of the Red Planet -- the current fad for Mars as a setting
  8. #28, August: It's Big! It's Dumb! -- a round up of sf's Big Dumb Objects
  9. #26, June: Wells: Behind Closed Doors -- sidelights on H.G. Wells's life
  10. #15, August: So You Want to Be a Reviewer? -- tricks of the trade
  11. #7, December: Visit Sunny Mordor! -- on The Tough Guide to Fantasyland
  12. #21, January: Second Childhood -- on J.P. Martin's "Uncle" books, now a free read at Infinity Plus.
  13. #14, July: Look at the Evidence -- on John Clute as critic
  14. #27, July: My Fantasy Life -- the horrors of working on The Encyclopedia of Fantasy
  15. #20, Christmas: Blurbismo -- who writes sf blurbs, anyway?
  16. #23, March: Nine Secrets of Stichomancy -- how to write a short story in a morning
  17. #24, April: Been There, Stole That -- blatant literary thefts
  18. #25, May: Curse of the Typo -- hideous consequences of one or two scrambled letters
  19. #29, September: The Authorized Version -- the gulf between what they wrote and what you see on the page
  20. #5, October: Badgered to Death -- Lionel Fanthorpe and Badger Books
  21. #31, November: The Critic on the Hearth -- the war between authors and critics
  22. #11, April: On the Circuit -- sf convention guest horrors
  23. #17, October: Random Fandom -- some of those esoteric fan terms misdefined
  24. #19, December: Hugos There? -- weirdness and follies of sf's top awards
  25. #32, December: The Numbers Game -- gloating over shelves of Hugos