Brian Stableford:
Selling the Collection

Message received from Brian on 5 April 2010:

As you might well have heard over the weekend, circumstances oblige me to dispose of all my books. The reference collection has approximately 2,500 antique hardcovers and large pbs, 3,500 post-1950 hardcovers and pbs, 1,000 pulps, 1000 other large sized magazines, 4,500 digest magazines, 6,500 small paperbacks, 1,000 non-fiction titles, 300 illustrated books and 200 books in French. My personal archive amounts to 1,000 items, with 2,000 duplicates. I am busy making lists of the more interesting and desirable items for the benefit of potential buyers — obviously, I'd prefer to sell off large lots rather than small numbers of items if I can. Could you possibly advertise these facts in the May Ansible, so that interested parties can get in touch? If you wouldn't mind, I'd rather you didn't publicize this email address ...

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