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I was incredibly flattered when Marc Ortlieb (in Australia) and John & Eve Harvey (in Britain) announced what they called the Auld Lang Fund -- a one-off fannish travel fund aimed at getting me to the Australian Worldcon Aussiecon Three in September 1999. As one fund-raiser, John & Eve have produced Pieces of Langford, a booklet of their 25 favourite Langford columns from SFX magazine ... this costs a trifling £5.00 post free from John Harvey, 8 The Orchard, Tonwell, Herts, SG12 0HR, or $10 airmailed to the USA (dollar checks to Dave Langford at the Reading address below -- I can convert to sterling and pass to John).

In aid of this clearly noble cause, I hunted through the dusty heaps of old Langford fanzines and am offering the gleanings to fannish completists at suitably outrageous prices. See below. All proceeds to the fund. Sterling cheques or dollar checks to Dave Langford, 94 London Road, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 5AU, England. Australian dollars should be sent to Marc Ortlieb, PO Box 215, Forest Hill, Vic 3131, Australia. Items may be reserved by e-mail for up to two weeks. 21 January 1999

Since then, the Aussie trip has come and gone (and been utterly splendid -- huge thanks to everyone).The remaining fanzines are still on sale, with proceeds now going to the GUFF fund which transports worthy fans between Europe and Australasia on a regular rather than a one-off basis.

Ansible Series 1 (1979-1987)

This first run of 50 issues was stopped dead by the shock of its 1987 Hugo win. Most Ansibles had a 2pp litho reduced front section, with the rest stencil-duplicated (exceptions are noted); from #42 it was all reduced litho except for enclosed flyers. The annotation "(<10)" means there are fewer than 10 copies of that issue remaining.

Each £1.20, $2.00 US, $3 Australian, post free:

Cloud Chamber

This has been circulated through many APAs (amateur press associations) since 1976 -- details elsewhere. Warning, warning -- I make no claims for its literary merits, and a few of the mailing comments to other APA members now baffle even me: think of it as a cryptic crossword challenge. The annotation "(<10)" means there are fewer than 10 copies of that issue remaining. All 2pp stencil-duplicated (mimeo) except where stated.

Each 60 pence, $1.00 US or $1.50 Australian, post free:

Other Old Stuff

I'm still turning out old cupboards and drawers. The most copious remaining resource is a great pile of back issues of Ansible Series 2 (1991-current, all 2pp A4 photocopied), which I could sort and offer on -- let's say -- the same basis as Cloud Chamber. Since all these issues are available on the web site in glowing HTML, including the artwork, maybe there's not much point? But will add a list of available issues on request. Also thought to be up there among the cobwebs: at least one complete spare run of Ansible Series 1, which I think would have to go to e-mail auction, and further ephemera.

Anyone interested?

Meanwhile ...

Sorry, no copies left of the previously listed Drilkjis 3 and Twll-Ddu 15.

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