Cactus Times Volume 4

Number 6 • Monday: It's Over!


Lead Story

... etc etc woffle woffle where is the actual text when we need it? Anyway, brilliant journalists like that Ms Frost will put stuff in here....


31 May: George R.Stewart, 1895. Reign of Terror begins in France, 1793. South Africa leaves the Commonwealth, 1961. First publication of skiffy epic London, a Poem by Samuel 'Doc' Johnson, 1738. Additional Birthday: Paul Oldroyd, 30 May 1955 (well, what can he expect if he lets Barnett write it on a paper plate among the Thoughts of Julian Flood?).

Fun for Young and Old Alike

Having seen lots of fans drinking bottles of Mexican beer with a slice of lime stuck into the neck, we wondered what might be appropriate to stuff into the necks of other bottles of potables:

A bottle of Newcastle Brown with a slice of black pudding. • A bottle of Strongbow with a quarrel through the neck. • A bottle of Dandelion & Burdock with a ten-year-old boy in it. • A bottle of milk with the neck containing a Russian doll arrangement of bottles (lots of bottle, hey, what?). • A bottle of tonic containing a dead mosquito. •

What others can you think of? (Chris & Pauline Morgan) [Er, a bottle of lime juice with a set of fallen-out teeth in it? -- Ed]

One from the Console

How can a man [Tom Shippey] whose main job is lecturing have so little understanding of the necessity of being seen by the audience? Here he is with a podium specially set up and perfectly lit, and he wanders around three feet away from it and keeps walking forward out of the spotlight! Our professional recommendation is that all future Mexicon Lecture speakers agree to have their feet nailed to the appropriate spot. [But won't the glass break? -- Ed] The BOYZ from TEK

Corrigendae Superseded!

John Clute faxes: 'The Encyclopaedia Addenda just arrived, and looks [sic] superb.... Enjoy Mexicon. PS: One thing for the next edition ... It's Van (not van) Gelder.'

Attributed To ...

Nic Farey proudly modelled his 'Corona' t-shirt. 'They only wanted 30 bottle tops. It wash ... eashy (hic) ...' • Dave Marshall (Duty Manager here, porter at the Cairn 1990; obviously a man marked by fate), to DRL: 'I was back at the Cairn the other week -- the chilli con carne stain is still on the wall.'

We've Reached the Credit Limit

Abigail edited this issue, but Barnett and Langford secretly messed things up in advance. The Wayside Pulpit presented extracts from the writing of Mexicon founder and Muse of Inspired Insolence Gregory F.Pickersgill in the 1970s. Final thanks to Ian Sales and. That enough cactes -- Thog.

The Wayside Pulpit

'The only way out is to get right away, leave fandom completely, cold turkey on John Norman novels, take up professional writing.'