Cloud Chamber 163
December 2011

From Ansible 101.5

The Langford Book of Very Boring Lists

All through 2011 I have been neglecting my duties, such as writing funny bits and Random Reading reviewlets to make up this year's issue of Cloud Chamber. What I've instead been writing (and rewriting, editing, formatting, correcting, reformatting and generally going mad over) is SF Encyclopedia entries. This has been a continuing project for years, and my personal worm's-eye view of the state of play is recorded in the lists below. On the left, all 289 of my solo entries to date. On the right, my 495 rewrites and collaborations. All links are to the official website, which generally lags a bit behind the actual working text. As a Christmas 2011 treat, for example, we improved the look of the SFE by changing the traditional ALL-CAPITALS headwords and links (inherited from the book editions) to upper- and lower-case as below, much easier on the eye – but the people who have the power to update the public site had already downed tools until the New Year. Keep watching the skies.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and I hope you enjoy this free insomnia cure.

23 December 2011