Guts: A Comedy of Manners

Ebook edition published November 2020

Guts -- 1st pb ed cover

Guts: A Comedy of Manners by David Langford and John Grant is a raucously tasteless spoof of horror novels, first written in the late 1980s and accepted and paid for by a major UK publisher (Grafton) which later changed its mind, because what the editor loved the marketing department could not stomach. Can readers display greater intestinal fortitude than miserable old Grafton?

Ramsey Campbell's front-jacket blurb line reads: "The first horror novel I don't even dare to read."

  • Publication Date: August 2001
  • Publisher: Cosmos Books (an imprint of Wildside Press), USA
  • Format: B-format paperback and hardback
  • ISBN: 158715336X (paperback) and 158715448X (hardback)
  • Page Count: 173
  • Cover Artist: Juha Lindroos (paperback only)
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    Hardback: Book Depository
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