Wrath of the Fanglord

Edited by David Langford

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Wrath of the Fanglord was masterminded by the very wonderful Geri Sullivan to mark Dave Langford's appearance at Minicon 33 (1998) as fan guest of honour. It collects a number of favourite articles by other writers -- plus a few pieces of artwork -- published by Langford in the course of twenty-odd years of frenetic fanzine activity.

  • Publication Date: April 1998
  • Publisher: Rune Press, Minneapolis (for Minicon 33)
  • Format: US quarto chapbook/fanzine
  • ISBN: none
  • Page Count: 52 inc wraps
  • Cover Artist: Steve Stiles
  • Availability: $5 mail order from Geri Sullivan, 3444 Blaisdell Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55408-4315, USA -- while stocks last.
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Ian Watson writes, May 1998:

What a feast of enlightenment and reminiscence is in Wrath of the Fanglord.